Go Where the Vibe is Always Positive!

Looking for a positive ViBe? Then head to ViBe Park in Virginia Beach and start your weekend off with Aina Clothing at the Old Beach Art and Eco Market this Saturday, October 24th from 9am to noon, just a few blocks from the beach. All of Aina's sustainable goods will be available along with other local artists and eco-friendly vendors, live music by Maggie DeLaura, as well as the Old Beach Farmers Market across the street. As part of Aina's Helptoberfest, I will be donating 10% of sales to Western Resource Advocates through October 24th.

Old Beach Art & Eco Market

Maggie DeLaura Music

Old Beach Farmers Market


Aina Clothing's Helptoberfest is inspired by someone that I know who took a minute of their time to do something that probably would seem small and trivial to most, but could result in a positive outcome. It got me thing about an article that a friend had wrote; “Stand Up For Something, Staying Good At Life”. The major part of the article is “Assistance comes in many forms. Volunteer in your community. Help by giving someone a good referral. Put in a good word for someone. Hold open a door for someone. Make a donation. Be active in your community. Smile at someone.” So back in 2013, I came up with this idea of #Helptoberfest, and for the month of October I posted about different charities, events and inspirational quotes.
I skipped the last two years for whatever reasons, but this year it's back, and for the month of October I will donate 10% of sales to charities and organizations that are environmentally and/or outdoor focused. I’ll donate to four different groups, one will be highlighted for a seven day or so period. If you are involved with or know of one that you would like to see featured let me know. Aina is a very small business, it won’t be a lot of coin, but every bit helps.

Hopefully this reminds you to “Stand Up For Something, Stay Good At Life”.

Ambassador Program

Aina Clothing is on the hunt for folk who are passionate about the environment and living life, whether that's being in the mountains, surf or streets to apply for our Ambassador Program.

You DO NOT have to be a pro to apply. I am looking for people who care about the environment, are passionate about the things that stoke them and are engaging, social folk who can spread the good word.

Apply Now to the Aina Ambassador Program

Malama Aina; caring for the land.