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Here’s everything
you need to know to participate in the #BeFreeInNature Contest:

Prizes: 2 individual winners will each receive a Men’s Be Free In Nature t-shirt and a Quoddy Head trucker hat (worth $59) to help them look stylish in nature.

Step 1: Head outdoors this long weekend and #BeFreeInNature. (Thurs-Sun, Nov 23-26).

Step 2: Stylishly photograph nature, with or without you and anyone you bring.

Step 3: Post your photo on Instagram with #BeFreeInNature AND follow @AinaClothing (both required). All done!

#BeFreeInNature Contest

Goodbye summer, hello autumn!

Goodbye summer! As much as I love autumn, it is my favorite season, I am slightly bummed that this summer is over. I am sure I’m not the only one that is not happy with summer coming to an end, but I am positive that for most it has more to do with the end of warm weather and the cold and long dark nights that are on the way.